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Oleg Biryukov BIRYUKOV® clothes design studio has been working since 1995, producing designer's clothes Pret-a-Porter class "de luxe" under "Biryukov" trade mark. Designer of this trade mark - Mr. Oleg Biryukov is a member of the Russian Association of High Fashion and Pret-a-Porter, a member of the Russian Designers Union.

The general style of the mark BIRYUKOV could be characterized as restrained and laconic. It is peculiar to a models an intellectual smartness and asceticism. Mr. Oleg Biryukov deliberately not aspire after embellishment and luxuries, he achieves result by precise cut, qualitative materials and by high level of performance. After winning the national competition "The Dress of the Year" in 1998, the reputation of the designer - minimalist assigned to Mr. Biryukov.

"Courage of making a simple things leading him to laconicism and minimalism – true testing stand for designer" (ELLE magazine). His models specific at their minimalism, color solutions and elegance. Each collection continue the development of the style, at the basis of that style – logical constructional solution and asceticism, stylish modesty, simplicity and discretion of the details. He doesn't aimed to embellishment and luxuries deliberately. It is the VOGUE magazine opinion that: "Oleg Biryukov making clothes, we want to buy immediately. It has his own composed stylishness and pleasant feeling of reliability. It seems that it made especially for you . He doesn't covering by pretty ideas and words, but speak truthful, that the most important clothes has to be purchased and wearied". At the same time he perfects one's style and proclaiming: "I would never will sew labels on the outside, in order to show the clothes made by Biryukov. I would like to be recognized without label".

The Designer considered that his clothes to appeal, on the first place, to create the harmony and to underline individuality. His heroine chooses the best. She able to value the simplicity in case if it's perfect and chooses magnificence in case if it's charming.

Every artist has his own colour spectrum to give preference to. Biryukov has also minimalist one. Always black and white in preference, but also restrained natural colour of flax, wool and cotton, that gives feeling of comfort and confident adequacy.

At 2006-2007 years the seasonal collections of BIRYUKOV were presented at international fashion exhibitions CPD (Düsseldorf), CPM (Moscow), and at the Moscow Fashion Week.